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What in the heck is this?

This is an adventure intended to be played as a solo adventure for use with White Box:FMAG RPG, but should be easily adaptable for any old school game.  You will be required to make Referee rulings because this is old school gaming!

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This looks great. I plan on using it for a solo session using Mythiria sometime soon.

Awesome! Let me know how it goes.

Success! A party of 4 (Cleric, Magic User, Ranger, Fighter) managed to rescue Flindia. The swarm of spiders was an embarrassing display of combat, so they all had a few minor wounds when they encountered the lizardmen, who put up a pretty good fight. Thanks to the cleric's healing they managed to defeat the leader which caused his guards to run away.

It was a fun run!

Awesome, that is great to hear.

I ran this for Stormageddon the other day. It was a great practice with addition and subtration and I think he had a blast.  

Awesome! I am glad this worked out for you!

I recently started a solo campaign with OSE. I'm looking forward to playing this!

Awesome! Let me know how it goes. I recently started up a WB solo game myself. Out the gate 2 of 3 character were swallowed whole by a Weald Siren, nasty things!